Reading Reactions | 读后感


  • “Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.” — Qindlen
  •  读万卷书,行万里路。
  • 立身以力学为先,力学以读书为本。– 欧阳修

Back in high school, we all probably read lots of classics and wrote lots of analytic papers about them. For me, I not only read and wrote for school, but also sought out classics to read and reflect upon. I had always loved writing, ever since I was able to write essays in secondary school. However, ever since getting into college, I have less coursework compared to high school but found myself only having time to read the textbooks. I used to read while waiting for buses, in between classes; now whenever I am free, I watch YouTube or Netflix or just drink with friends. I never really read to learn or write to reflect again. Yes, college has been very fun, but I seem to have lost something. With this blog page, I hope to pick up reading and writing again, as an undergraduate senior one month from graduating.

谨以此帖督促自己读书,探索,写作,思考。希望自己能够活出自己想要的生活,拥有一直渴望的美好。Know thyself and always try to be a better version of yourself.


Reactions & Notes | 读后感及笔记


Currently Reading | 正在阅读

Note: some may be re-readings, which are underlined and italicized.

Thinking, Fast and Slow — Daniel Kahneman

The Divine Comedy — Dante Alighieri

《恋爱心法》 — 杨冰阳


Planned Readings | 计划阅读

Sperm Wars — Robin Baker

Getting to Yes — Bruce Patton, Roger Fisher, and William Ury

The Power of Habit — Charles Duhigg

The God Delusion — Richard Dawkins

Im Westen Nichts Neues — Erich Maria Remarque

《灯下尘》 — 七堇年

《平生欢》 — 七堇年

Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies — Jared Diamond


Fahrenheit 451 — Ray Bradbury

Animal Farm — George Orwell

Little Women — Louisa May Alcott


Gone With the Wind — Margaret Mitchell

A Tale of Two Cities — Charles Dickens

Anna Karenina — Leo Tolstoy

One Hundred Years of Solitude — Gabriel Garcí­a Marquez

The Prince — Niccolo Machiavelli

Already Read | 曾经读过


The Confession of an Economic Hit Man — John Perkins

Sarah’s Key — Tatiana de Rosnay

Sophie’s World: A Novel about the History of Philosophy  — Jostein Gaarder, Paulette Moller

The Five People You Meet in Heaven — Mitch Albom

Safe Haven — Nicholas Sparks

The Silver Linings Playbook — Matthew Quick

Life of Pi — Yann Martel

To Kill A Mockingbird — Harper Lee

Pride and Prejudice — Jane Austen

1984 — George Orwell

Jane Eyre — Charlotte Bronte

The Catcher in the Rye — J.D Salinger

The Book Thief — Mark Zusak

The Help — Kathryn Stockett

The Kite Runner — Khaled Hosseini

Hamlet — William Shakespeare

Macbeth — William Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet — William Shakespeare

The Little Prince — Antoine de Saint Exupery

The Giver — Lois Lowry

Catch-22 — Joseph Heller

The Secret Life of Bees — Sue Monk Kidd

The Iliad and The Odyssey — Homer

The Great Gatsby — F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Republic — Plato

Frankenstein — Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

The Sorrows of Young Werther — Göthe

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin — Benjamin Franklin

Invisible Man — Ralph Ellison

The Bible

Sense and Sensibility — Jane Austen

The Chronicles of Narnia — C. S. Lewis, Pauline Baynes

Wuthering Heights — Emily Brontë

Candide — Voltaire

Morality: The Catholic View — Servais O.P. Pinckaers, et al

《悲惨世界》– 维克多·雨果

《达芬奇密码》 — 丹·布朗

《别把男人不当动物》 — 杨冰阳

《幸福爱》 — 杨冰阳

《女人想私奔,男人想结婚》– 杨冰阳

《爱的十万个为什么》– 杨冰阳

《完美关系的秘密》– 杨冰阳

《鲁宾逊漂流记》– 丹尼尔·笛福


《星空》 —  沧月

《镜·神寂》 — 沧月

《镜·归墟》– 沧月

《镜·辟天.2》 — 沧月

《镜·辟天.1》 — 沧月

《夕颜》 — 沧月

《鼎剑阁之彼岸花》– 沧月

《七夜雪》– 沧月

《织梦者之二·海的女儿》– 沧月

《镜·织梦者》– 沧月

《镜·龙战》– 沧月

《飞天舞》– 沧月

《神之右手》– 沧月

《镜·龙战》– 沧月

《镜·破军》– 沧月

《曼珠沙华》– 沧月

《荒原雪》– 沧月

《花镜》– 沧月

《镜·双城》– 沧月

《墨香外传·大漠荒颜》– 沧月

《墨香外传·帝都赋》– 沧月

《护花铃》– 沧月

《幻世》– 沧月

《雪薇》– 沧月

《爱与痛的边缘》 — 郭敬明

《幻城》 — 郭敬明

《左手倒影,右手年华》 — 郭敬明

《1995-2005夏至未至》 — 郭敬明

《悲伤逆流成河》 — 郭敬明

《小时代1.0折纸时代》 — 郭敬明

《小时代2.0青铜时代》 — 郭敬明

《三重门》 — 韩寒

《长安乱》 — 韩寒

《爱的教育》 — 亚米契斯

《童年》 — 高尔基

《钢铁是怎样炼成的》 — 尼古拉·奥斯特洛夫斯基