420 Animation Project 5: Rube Goldberg Machine


Ball 1 start moving from the ladder, through a piece of wood, landing on the desk.

Ball 1 hits ball 2, giving ball 2 velocity to move. Ball 2 moves down the table.


Objects Used

Objects 1-3
1. Ladder 2. Piece of Wood 3. Table
Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 12.32.14 AM
4. Balance 5. Stuff on table 6. Orange ball 7. Pink domino
Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 12.32.31 AM
8. Purple ball




After critique:


  • I got the models of ladder and desk from online.
  • I actually started off planning to do a longer Rube Goldberg Machine by incorporating spiral stairway with dominoes falling one by one, but it turned out to be too much.
  • Somehow my normals were super messed up midway through, I tried to reverse the normals but one by one but didn’t seem to quite work for some objects. I had to start a new scene and all was good. Not sure what happened back there.
  • Actually ready to present on Thursday, but classmates’ wonderful work kinda scared me off. Then I spend an additional 10+ hours fighting Maya đŸ˜„ For some reason I just can’t toggle off vertex backface culling, or objects somehow getting selected on their own. Wild children tsk tsk tsk… Whelp~

Tutorials, Help and Inspirations


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