420 Animation Project 3: Bounce Animation

NOTE: Toned down on the camera after class presentation.

Storyboards and Written Description


  1. A little ball named Umbra just discovered she has dangling thingy that some may call legs. Hmmm… But… How exciting!! She decides to test these thingy out by making a long jump that she saw on the TV during Olympics.
  2. Umbra prepares for her very first jump and squashes.
  3. Umbra shoots for the air and stretches out her legs.
  4. Umbra starts bending her legs in preparation for landing. She is definitely a natural pro!
  5. Umbra is fully ready for her very first landing!
  6. Legs almost touching the ground!
  7. Lands and squashes again to cushion…
  8. Umbra is very happy about her first jump. She looks around, kind of confused while thinking about what she could do next about her newly acquired parts.
  9. For 9-12, Umbra kind of walks around, trying to get used to her new legs and get ready to explore this brand new world!

Animation Principles

  • 1) Squash and Stretch

Umbra gets squashed before jumping and stretched while jumping.

  • 2) Anticipation

Umbra squats to anticipate the long jump. Umbra also stretches out her legs to anticipate landing.

Anticipate Jump
Anticipate Landing
  • 3) Follow Through and Overlapping Action

Different parts of Umbra’s legs start moving and end moving at different times during the long jump, thus resulting in overlapping action. This coupled with follow-through–here shown as Umbra as a whole finishes the jump, but the legs still have some unfinished actions to show that Umbra is cushioning the jump–makes the jump seem more real and more natural. A clip of this is shown here.

  • 4) Arc

Umbra makes a long jump in an arc is shown here.

  • 5) Appeal

After the long jump, Umbra appears confused as she just made her first jump using her newly gained legs. She looks around and tries to walk around to explore the new world.

Final animation

Curious Umbra 

Note: Update version after class critique found here


  • To add shading to the ball body and the legs, I mostly applied lambert.
  • After watching a bunch of videos on Youtube about how other people animate leg movement, I learned that the basic components to animating legs include: hip knob, upper leg, knee, lower leg, heel, mid-foot, front-foot, back-foot. Having all these separately then join them together gives animator much greater control.
  • Thank God something called Motion Control exits. FOR REAL.
  • “Umbra” is Latin for “shadow; ghost; phantom.” In the beginning, I chose this name for the ball character because I saw a gif online where cute balls were turning into ghosts, and I thought it would be really fun and cute if I could also animate that. Well, after finishing textbook bouncing ball tutorial, I realized that that was too ambitious.

Resources Resorted


Thanks for reading all the way through till here!!


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