420 Animation Project 1: Planet Animation

* Updated after class critique. Updates at the end.

THIS is the first project for CSCI 420 Animation taught at the College of William & Mary. There are two parts: first is a completion of the tutorial, second is a modification of the tutorial.

Completed tutorial:


Modified animation

Changed the orbital speeds of all planets to be proportional to their real average orbital speed. For example, the average orbital speed of Mercury is 47.87 km/s. Then, the value of “Rotate Y” for “Mercury_Orbit” is then 4787. One can observe from the video above and the following slideshow of frames given, that the closer the planet is to the sun, the faster it orbits; and vice versa.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Changed the background color to black and got rid of the grid line (picture shown below with the third change together).
  • Rendered Sun to be more real: better color, animated glowing
    • tutorial to achieve this found here.


Final version:

After class critique, I (1) reversed the normal for Saturn’s ring, (2) changed the background color and got rid of the gridline for the final version, and (3) increased the resolution for playblast to make this final version a little better. It can be found here.


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